10 Car Stereos for the World’s Finest Luxury Cars

High-end, audiophile-grade stereo systems have become requisite amenities in today’s top vehicles…


Many of today’s top luxury cars can be equipped with a high-fidelity stereo system, either as a standard amenity or as an option. During the last several years, companies including Burmester, Meridian, and Bang & Olufsen, which are revered for their home audio systems, have begun manufacturing high-fidelity systems for luxury carmakers. And while the 1980s and ’90s saw an onslaught of aftermarket automotive stereo systems—from the likes of Alpine, Pioneer, Nakamichi, and JL Audio, producing ear-splitting levels of volume and bass but lacking audiophile-grade musical realism—today’s systems are considerably more sophisticated. With the help of computer-aided design, compact power sources, and refined digital-signal processing, the audio reproduction capabilities of the current top car stereos—in vehicles from Bentley to Bugatti and from Porsche to Pagani—are nothing short of spectacular. Here are our 10 favorite examples.