10 Headphones that Cost More than a First-Class Flight to Paris

guide to the most exquisite quality that personal audio has to offer…


Thanks to the mobile music revolution, headphones have enjoyed an increase in popularity over the past few years. New companies have sprung up and spearheaded obscure technologies to great success. While many of the technologies exhibited in high-end headphones are not new, many of them have been revisited from years past and expanded upon in their latest iterations. When most people think of headphones, white earbuds or bulky uncomfortable products come to mind. To combat this notion, we have set out to find the most sonorous headphone designs ever created. Whether you prefer open or closed-back, and prefer to call them cans, earspeakers, headphones, or ear monitors, you will find the most exquisite personal sound quality possible with unique designs to fit a variety of tastes.