5 Big, Beautiful TVs You Can Rush Out and Score before the Super Bowl

Whether they came for the game or just the commercials, your guests will go gaga over these top-tier TVs…


Your menu may be planned; your bar may be stocked; but do you have the most important piece of your Super Bowl party ready? Although they are some of the most routinely used devices in the home, televisions really take center stage once a year on the uniquely American high holiday that is the Super Bowl. So what makes a great Super Bowl TV? Of course, image quality, sound, and extra features are of paramount importance, but to truly feel like you are right on the field in the middle of the action, size really does matter. So whether you are watching to root on the Patriots or Falcons, check out Lady Gaga’s halftime show, or just watch the commercials everyone will be talking about tomorrow, these five giant 4K TVs are sure to score a touchdown on Sunday.