7 Wireless Earbuds that Make Apple AirPods Look Boring


Convenience rules when it comes to personal audio, so the next innovation is getting rid of those pesky wires connected to earbuds. Based on the assumption that these Bluetooth earbuds will become ubiquitous, Apple has already eliminated the headphone jack on the newest generation of iPhones. In theory, these untethered buds offer myriad benefits not seen in wired headphones, but the category is in its infancy and hasn’t reached a point of maturity where manufacturers have worked out all of the common pitfalls—such as short battery life and bulkiness. Being wireless and small also makes them easy to misplace. That aside, there are many reasons why wireless earbuds make sense for early adopters—and for those who are over wires, Apple Airpods (destined to be the most popular picks) are not the only option. Here are our top seven.