9 of the Most Wildly Expensive Speaker Cables Available

Connecting your speakers in style has a price, and it isn’t cheap.


It’s no surprise that audiophiles will pay top dollar for high-end loudspeakers and stereo equipment. But it may be shocking to learn the extreme prices hi-fi aficionados will pay for cables. Believe it or not, some pairs of loudspeaker cables cost more than an average house in some parts of the country. But the necessity of high-end audio cables is not without controversy; a simple internet search will turn up many opinion pieces that doubt the efficacy of cables in producing a discernable improvement in audio fidelity. These detractors point to a lack of double-blind testing and scientific support for some claims. Believers, on the other hand, cite their subjective experience when swapping out cables. However, one thing is for certain: Each of the following 10 elite speaker cables is a paragon of audio construction and aesthetics.