A Starck Difference

Speakers rank among the most derided of home furnishings?loved for their sound but hated for their look. Parrot’s Zikmu audio system is sure to earn greater affection, though. The $1,500 speakers, designed by Philippe Starck, exude a simple elegance no bulky wooden box could achieve. Key to the system’s appeal is its wireless design: Each speaker has only a power cord. An iPod or iPhone can be docked atop one of the speakers, and music from a computer can be streamed from the iTunes application to the Zikmu through a Wi-Fi network. Music from other cell phone brands can be streamed using Zikmu’s built-in Bluetooth wireless technology. Each of the slim, self-powered speakers contains an NXT flat-panel driver that emits sound both forward and back, plus a downward-firing woofer in each speaker delivers surprisingly deep and satisfying bass. A molded carrying case allows you to carry Zikmu on vacation. (248.354.5400, www.parrot.com)

—Brent Butterworth

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