Super Surround Sound

Electronics company MBL, based in Berlin, with offices in New York City, has created the 101X-Treme speaker, a new system using pulsating spheres that radiate equal amounts of energy at all frequencies through a 360-degree sound field, producing the exact same signal whether you are sitting in front, behind, or alongside.

The secret to the 101X-Treme is a four-tower system. The main tower houses a pair of driver arrays supported by an acrylic, steel, and wood frame, and the woofer columns each hold 12-inch bass drivers with internal amplifiers (for sound control even in the loftiest living rooms). Each pair of speakers, weighing in together at nearly 2,500 pounds, takes 90 days to create and customize. The pair will set you back $263,000, and each pair takes up to a year to produce. (