Best of the Best 2011: Personal Technology: Vertu Constellation Quest

While the many smartphones on the market all make an effort to combine form with function, none achieves the level of sophistication of the Vertu Constellation Quest ( The first smartphone from Vertu, a UK-based manufacturer of high-end mobile phones and accessories, the Constellation Quest made its debut globally in October. The phone, which features […]

Ascent 2010 Cellular Phone

The most recent iteration of the automotive-inspired Ascent Collection from high-end cell-phone-maker Vertu is available in either anodized aerospace-grade aluminum or forged titanium. Like all of Vertu’s handcrafted phones, the new Ascent models offer the brand’s premium services. The Vertu Concierge, for example, gives users 24/7 global access at the push of a button to […]

Constellation Quest Cellular Phone

The new Constellation Quest is the first model from Vertu with a full keyboard. The U.K.-based manufacturer handcrafts these unique smart phones from such materials as brushed stainless steel, fine leather, and even yellow gold. The sapphire keys give users a tactile sense of stability when sending texts or emails, while the interface is as […]