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Uncompromising Style: The Belt, a Symbol of Power and Luxury

Common interpretation dictates that when a man dreams of belts, he’s really dreaming of power. For centuries the belt has been seen as a symbol of dominance over others. If a man finds a belt, it means he’s winning.. .


Fashion Forward: Shoes Make the Man

They say you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes. One look at his footwear of choice and you’ll know if he’s detail oriented, whether he takes pride in the little things, in the smaller joys of life. A true gentleman aims to perfect his look from head to toe and takes his footwear choices ...


Premium Denim – a Worldwide Endeavor

The denim pant is deeply connected to the fabric of Americana, with pop culture references ranging from James Dean to John Wayne. But the story of denim actually begins in Genoa, Italy


The Embodiment of Bespoke

Just one look at the truest form of personalized luxury brings endless compliments and laudatory adjectives of the highest order. The word bespoke is actually ...


A New Breed Of Luxury, Haxby

Haxby is a new breed of luxury, a menswear brand founded on the principle that skill, time, and dedication must never be compromised when mastering an art form.