Robb Report Health & Wellness Virtual Summit 2015

A weekend of well-being

Good health is essential to the enjoyment of all that life has to offer. Robb Report held its first annual family Health & Wellness Summit from July 30 to August 2, 2015 at the beautiful Montage Deer Valley. The lifestyle weekend gathered 14 best-in-class physicians from eight of the country’s most respected healthcare institutions in one place—a rare and magnificent opportunity—and combined those sessions with exciting and unique wellness and lifestyle activities. The powerful program was led by the world’s leading experts in sleep, aging, brain health, fitness, stress, addiction, facial rejuvenation, cardiology, and diet. Glimpse the event's highlights below.

A Mayo Clinic Expert Reveals Surprising Facts About Nutrition

Donald Hensrud, MD, offers the best approaches to eating for weight loss and optimal health.


Experts’ Tips for Building a Better Brain

Cleveland Clinic doctors give cutting-edge advice for boosting brain health.

Research into brain health has made incredible advances over the last decade, which have changed the clinical practice of neurology as well as the treatment of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Learn how technology has improved early detection of such diseases and how you can protect and even improve the health of your brain at any age.


The A to Zzzzs of Sleep

Charles Czeisler, MD, the world's foremost expert on sleep, reveals the new science behind sleep and strategies to get the best slumber of your life. 


An Expert and Ultramarathoner Reveals Secret to Running as You Age

James Ficke, MD, explains how running can be an ideal component of a long, healthy life.


Solid evidence supports the proposition that running even just 6 minutes per day radically reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Hear the latest science behind the benefits of running—and walking—and how these activities can positively impact your life span. Learn the difference between midfoot running and hindfoot running, how to transition between them, and which might be best for you, as well as strategies for avoiding injury.

A Leading Expert Unlocks the Secrets to Longevity

Michael Roizen, MD, reveals the keys to a long, healthy life.


Why Facial Rejuvenation Matters

Dr. Lisa Ishii of Johns Hopkins Medicine and Dr. Reza Jarrahy of UCLA Health examine the surprisingly positive effects of plastic surgery and noninvasive skin treatments.


From the best use for Botox to the latest drug that melts away a double chin, these experts will discuss the science behind the age-defying injectables and the beauty of subtle surgical tweaks and more dramatic lifts, and how they can transform someone on both the outside and inside.

The Important Ways Gender Impacts Women’s Health

Paula Johnson, MD, reveals the truth about heart disease in women.


While all men and women are created equal, they have critical differences when it comes to health. Learn more about how gender can impact cardiovascular disease (plaque is actually laid down differently in women’s arteries than in men’s, for instance), cancer, and mental health, and gain strategies for advocating for yourself with healthcare providers. Discuss the pros and cons of flibanserin, the drug intended to boost sexual drive in women that recently won FDA approval.

Worried About Caring for Aging Parents?

Alicia Arbaje, MD, reveals the most important ways to get the best care for older adults.


Personal Genetic Mapping Makes Precision Medicine a Reality

Alexander Judkins, MD, shows how DNA can change the outcome of childhood disease.


The Pros and Cons of Going Gluten-Free

Two physicians reveal the bottom line on going gluten-free.


Only a small percentage of the population has a gluten-related disorder such as celiac disease or wheat allergy, but many people claim they feel better and lose weight when they follow a gluten-free diet. Wheat—and its protein, gluten—has long been a staple in the human diet. Should you consider going gluten-free? Is it a smart way to lose weight? Do gluten sensitivities truly exist? Learn how gluten and going gluten-free may influence other aspects of health and practical strategies for making any shifts to a diet.

Achieve Well-Being through Mindful Awareness

Michael Irwin, MD, offers techniques that work to improve mental health.


The secret weapon to improving both physical and mental health just might be the power of the mind. Learn how mindful awareness practices such as meditation, Tai Chi, and yoga can improve sleep and mood and reduce risk for inflammatory ailments such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The Unbiased Truth about Opioid, Alcohol, and Marijuana Addictions

Kevin Hill, MD, offers approaches to better treatment for addiction problems.


The latest treatments for addictions have become multimodal and more sophisticated, as have the facilities for recovery. Learn from the experts who set the bar for treatment about best practices and new trends.