Boxing 101 with George Foreman III

Guests learned the basics of jabbing, punching, and boxing while getting a full-body workout with a prizewinning fighter and son of the legendary George Foreman.

Pilates Mat Class with Erika Bloom

Guests did the 100 and strengthened their core with one of the most sought-after Pilates instructors in the land. Bloom brought her own brand of body sculpting from her serene studios in Manhattan; the Hamptons; Greenwich, Conn.; and Turks & Caicos.

Guided Meditation with Mallika Chopra

As the daughter of Deepak Chopra, Mallika has been practicing meditation since childhood and is an expert in her own right. She introduced breath work and guided participants through a relaxing meditation as well as underscored the proven health benefits of a regular meditation practice.

Gluten-Free Cooking Classes

Montage Deer Valley Executive Chef Shawn Armstrong led participants on a gluten-free culinary journey.

Wine Tasting

Certified Montage Deer Valley sommeliers guided guests through wines from New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Chile, and Sonoma County.

Boot Camp with Celebrity Trainer Steve Jordan

This hour consisted of moderate to high-intensity exercises that challenged core muscles, balance, strength, cardiovascular capacity, coordination, and mindfulness.

Discover Your Glow

Tabata is an active stretch that prepares the body for an extremely invigorating, brief, and efficient interval workout.

Mountain Biking

Guests were fitted with expert bikes by BMC of Switzerland and then rode along breathtaking mountain trails with awe-inspiring views of Deer Valley and Park City.


This instructor-led class was centered around a lightweight bar, called the eLIGNABAR, that assisted in targeting core stabilization muscles while bringing awareness to proper spinal alignment.

Functional Fitness

This class had a crosstraining focus with emphasis on a full-body workout. Options included: kettle bells, pull-ups, dips, and free weights.

Beginner’s Paddleboard Yoga

In one of the most popular classes of the weekend, guests were surrounded by inspiring and breathtaking views in the Spa’s Mosaic Pool and discovered their breath and balance while having fun in the water.

Sun Salutations Hike with Celebrity Trainer Steve Jordan

The morning began with guided meditation and setting an intention for the day, followed by a warm up stretch. Participants hiked into the local terrain, right off the property, while incorporating mindfulness breathing exercises and functional movements that improved strength, balance, coordination, and general fitness.

Practice with Presence

This full-body yoga workout focused on the breath while moving through a dynamic and flowing series of challenging poses that drew from Vinyasa and Thai yoga traditions.