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UCLA has been tapped by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to spearhead an innovative...
Harry Campbell
In Alzheimer’s, amyloid-beta protein gets the blame, but is tau the true culprit?
Breakthrough could improve mortality and preserve fertility.
LevelCheck aims to prevent surgical error during spine surgery.
Photo by Sam Kaplan; Copyright Sam Kaplan
What happens when groundbreaking research gets published in top journal but Replication studies...
Photo by Movus; http://www.gettyimages.com
Patients who come to Johns Hopkins for epilepsy surgery sometimes require a prequel to their...
Copyright Getty Images
A Supreme Court ruling on whether genes can be patented did not give crystal clear answers.
Photo by Sergey Anatolievich Pristyazhnyuk; copyright Getty Images
The human body has many natural barriers intended to prevent microorganisms, diseases, and toxins...
Illustration by Brian Stauffer
By harnessing the power of regeneration residing in our own bodies, stem-cell therapies have...
One of my favorite expressions is: “Every day I work in healthcare, and then I go home and live in...