Living Well

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Personalized medicine takes a new approach to curing cancer by creating murine avatars.
L’Auberge de Sedona now offers a program to help guests connect with the local wilderness.
Sometimes forgoing the knife equals a longer life: busting myths about heart disease.
How a purloined research device, an ounce of bravery, and a physician with a death grip brought about a brilliant medical enlightenment.
Science supports the mind-body benefits of being outdoors.
Healthy snacking with nutritionist Joy Bauer.
Dr. Michael Roizen recommends supplements to aid in the prevention of heart disease, mental dysfunction, and cancer.
Top techniques to rejuvenate your visage can help reveal the youthful spirit within.
Seven private chefs who elevate the art—and science—of dining well and living healthfully.
Summer 2015 Letter from the Editor, Robb Report Health & Wellness.