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An Anti-Aging Elixir for the Eyes

When French Comte Hubert D’Ornano first founded the Sisley skin-care line in 1976, he saw early the potential for using the natural compounds found in botanical extracts. D’Ornano descended from cosmetic aristocracy, so to speak—his father Guillaume helped launch Lancôme. This past fall, after four years of research, Sisley launched Supremÿa at Night Anti-Aging Eye Serum ($310), a light, fluid anti-aging cream that combats most complaints, from under-eye puffiness and dark circles to crows feet and slackening lids.

Dab on the serum at night, the time skin cells rejuvenate without having to battle environmental stressors such as sun and pollution, and the high concentrations of plant compounds including açaí, yeast and oat kernel extracts, and peptidic soy work their magic. After eight weeks, the results may be nothing short of eye opening.


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