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Technogym's New Upgrade for the Home Fitness Studio

The ability of smart devices to communicate with one another can make life more seamless, helping to save time and keep us connected. Now, this kind of connectivity can enhance one’s fitness by providing access to important tools or even off-site personal trainers. Technogym has released the first cardio machines to incorporate smartphone technology. The groundbreaking Unity Console is based on the Android 4.0 platform. It features a touchscreen with Internet, television, and access to fitness apps, allowing users to track and evaluate running distances, heart rate, and elevation gain. A built-in webcam grants users direct access to competitive friends or remote fitness coaches, and a unique wearable radio frequency identification (RFID) tracker called mywellness key can be plugged into any Unity console to instantly retrieve settings and past workout histories. Connecting to Unity through Google Glass makes the entire system operable via voice commands. Machines start at $6,000. www.technogym.com


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