Design Seen: Fun in the Sun

  • Roy Stewart Dragon Longboard
  • Roy Stewart Dragon Longboard
  • Gibbs Quadski
  • Photo by Arnold Debus
    BMW Motorrad C Evolution Photo by Arnold Debus
  • WaveJet
  • Photo by Arnold Debus
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1} Roy Stuart Dragon Longboard
Thirteen years in the making, Roy Stuart’s Dragon longboard ($1.3 million) is 165 inches long, with a thickness-to-length ratio of 1:63 for a low profile and exceptional flex response. The New Zealand–based craftsman built the board by hand from empress wood and inlaid its deck with a 23-karat gold dragon with aquamarine eyes. +647.8821.560,

2} Gibbs Quadski
The Quadski ($40,000) transitions from land to water and vice versa in 4 seconds and can hit 45 mph in both environments. According to Gibbs Sports Amphibians, the Quadski’s maker, it is the first commercially available sports amphibian to attain such speeds.

3} BMW Motorrad C Evolution
More than just a scooter, the forthcoming C Evolution from BMW’s motorcycle division will reach speeds of up to 75 mph. The bike’s high-voltage battery will allow for up to 62 miles of driving time on a single charge, with a full recharge taking less than three hours at a regular household socket. Deliveries of the bike are expected to begin next year. 800.831.1117,

4} WaveJet
A wireless device worn on the user’s wrist controls the power on/off switch for the WaveJet line of boards ($800 to $4,595), which use water from under the board—body, short, long, or stand-up paddle (Pau Hana Big EZ shown)—to propel the watercraft forward. For the rider, this means no more waiting for the perfect wave. 855.541.5558,

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