Design Seen July/August 2014: Going with the Grain

  • Hudson Furniture's Lipstick console
  • Thos. Moser Rock's Rockport dining chair
  • Thomas Riley Studio's Marquis in monochrome bench
  • Skram's ebonized white ash Wishbone desk
  • Dakota Jackson's GUI dining table
  • Photo by Steve Amiaga
    David N. Ebner's Scallion coat racks Photo by Steve Amiaga
  • Antoine Proulx's French series daybed
  • Markus Haase's Crossover table
  • Photo by Steve Amiaga
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  • Jorge S. Arango

Hudson Furniture


Barlas Baylar, the New York City company’s founder, emphasizes wood’s mass and weight in his pieces. His Lipstick console (from $31,200), with its slabs of wood and other materials, conveys a modernity that is at once sleek and brawny. 212.645.7800, 


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