Design Seen July/August 2014: Kitchen Aids

  • Photo by Jerry Tempfli
    Vitamix S30 Photo by Jerry Tempfli
  • The Diesel Social Kitchen by Scavolini
  • Cosentino Dekton kitchen
  • True stainless steel refrigerator drawers
  • Gaggenau Vario 400 Series double fridge with freezer drawer with RW 414 wine column
  • Kalamazoo K750GT Gaucho Grill
  • Photo by Jerry Tempfli
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  • Jorge S. Arango

Tools and trappings for the stylish home's culinary hub. 


The company’s first high-performance single-serving blender, the S30 ($409) has two containers: a 20-ounce personal size and a 40-ounce. The former sports a screw top that converts it into a travel tumbler. 800.848.2649, 
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