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Lying Down on the Job

Amanda Millin

Users of Dornbracht’s fittings for the bath can now take their showers lying down. Released this summer in the States, the company’s Horizontal Shower—a follow-up to its Vertical Shower of 2011—features a large heated platform upon which the user lies down while six showerheads recessed in a horizontal array above the platform spray water downward. The system, which ranges in price from $44,000 to $50,000 without installation, incorporates the 60-year-old company’s new Ambiance Tuning Technique. The technology allows the user to select from various settings to program for water temperature and pressure. A small wall-mounted panel near the showering platform controls the settings.

Dornbracht, 770.564.3599, www.dornbracht.com

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Photo by Nigel YoungFoster + Partners
Photo by Mike Van Tassell