2013 Host’s Guide


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Hosts Guide Holiday 2013: A Touch of Glass

Riedel Boa decanter ($525), http://www.riedel.com. Paola Navone for Egizia Design Studio double old fashioned ($45 each) and vodka ($20 each) glasses from TableArt, http://www.tableartonline.com. From left: Riedel Nachtmann Aspen Collection decanter ($120; with two tumblers), http://www.riedel.com; Colle Cloe Liqueur decanter ($345) from TableArt, http://www.tableartonline.com; Lalique Perles decanter ($1,565), http://www.lalique.com. From left: Saint-Louis Stella gold large Champagne flute ($550), […]

Hosts Guide Holiday 2013: Gifts of the Spirit

THE PUREST OF PLEASURES Elit Pristine Water Series: The New Zealand Edition Last year, elit by Stolichnaya demonstrated the importance of the water used in vodka with its limited-edition pristine water series—the Himalayan Edition. This year brings the second offering, this time from New Zealand—the Blue Spring. Revered for its clarity, Blue Spring water is […]

Hosts Guide Holiday 2013: Something Old, Something New

Ever since a reformed Ebenezer Scrooge invited Bob Cratchit to discuss their affairs “over a Christmas bowl of smoking bishop,” it has been a seasonal tradition to artfully apply a little holiday spirit to one’s guests. Sometimes these drinks are tailor-made for winter festivities. Scrooge’s bowl of bishop, for example, is a hot punch aromatic […]

Hosts Guide Holiday 2013: Season’s Sipping

The 18th-century Swiss writer, composer, and philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote, “I have always said and felt that true enjoyment cannot be described.” Though the celebrated father of modern autobiography and author of Reveries of a Solitary Walker was probably not contemplating the sublime experience of savoring the nuances and subtleties of a glass of Bordeaux […]