2014 Private Aviation Sourcebook


October 2014

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Secret Service

Six years ago, the U.S. Department of Defense made what could have seemed like a curious purchase under the circumstances, or under any circumstances. With the country engaged in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and with the economy heading into a recession, the department acquired a four-year-old, $5 million Beechcraft King Air 350 whose cabin […]

Flexing Its Muscle

The parent company of Flight Options acquires Bombardier’s fractional service. The private-aviation industry as a whole seemingly has returned to prerecession form, but one segment was forever altered by the financial crash. “If any part of the industry has changed since 2009, when the market dropped, it’s the fractional world,” says Robb Report Private Aviation […]

They Keep Going and Going and Going…

The latest large-cabin ultralong-range business jets promise nonstop service to nearly any destination in the world.  Can a business jet have too much range? This question is becoming ever more relevant as aircraft manufacturers scramble to provide travelers with large-cabin jets that can link nearly any two points on the globe. In May, Gulfstream announced […]

Secondary Thoughts

The economy has rebounded, stock prices are soaring, unemployment is down, but the secondary-aircraft market is still a buyer’s market. Prices of pre-owned aircraft plummeted during the recession that started in 2008, largely because of the flood of planes from owners who could no longer afford them or could no longer justify the cost of […]

Managing Expectations

A large aircraft-management company with a high demand for its charter service might not be a jet owner’s best option. This story is adapted from a study that Robb Report Private Aviation Advisory Board member Kevin O’Leary conducted as part of his PhD coursework at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. O’Leary is the founder and president of […]

Lowering the Boom

Supersonic business jets are being developed, but their noise must be muffled before they can fly over land at full speed.  Though the fastest business jets approach the edge of supersonic flight, with top speeds exceeding Mach 0.9, no civilian aircraft has ventured beyond Mach 1—the speed of sound—since the Concorde fleet was grounded in […]

Coordinated Effort

The midsize Citation Latitude and super-midsize Citation Longitude are among the new jets being developed or readied for delivery by Cessna…

Joining the Jet Set

The marketing material for Cessna’s new Citation M2 tells prospective owners that this plane is “the upgrade every jet-aspiring aviator has been dreaming of.” This message is directed perhaps to the weekend pilots of Cessna 172s or Cessna 206s, for whom the dream of jet ownership includes more than just visions of reclining in the […]