2015 Private Aviation Sourcebook


2015 Private Aviation Sourcebook SKY'S THE LIMIT: The new, unprecedented possibilities for jet interiors. Plus 10 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Aircraft, the Uber Model of Jet Chartering, and New Safety Innovations in the Cockpit.

From This Issue

Autopilot Erotic

In the history section of the website for Sperry Product Innovation, a Massachusetts-based business that makes packaging machines and other products, there is a brief biography of famed inventor and engineer Elmer Sperry, the great-grandfather of company founder Laurence Sperry. Known as the Father of Modern Navigational Technology, Elmer had more than 350 patents to […]

Special Deliveries

Flexjet begins adding Gulfstream jets to its fleet.  In a hangar at the Savannah, Ga., headquarters of Gulfstream Aerospace (gulfstream.com) earlier this summer, two new customized versions of the G450 gleamed under spotlights, commanding the attention of the small group of guests and media members who had been invited to watch the fractional-shares provider Flexjet […]

Touch And Go

Want to book a charter flight, compare prices, or contact the pilot on your way to the jet? There are apps for that, and they may be changing the charter industry. At an aviation conference in 2007, PrivateFly founder Adam Twidell made a presentation in which he introduced his idea for an online portal for […]

Interior Motives

New technologies and lightweight materials provide the impetus for aircraft-cabin designers to become more creative.  Just as jet manufacturers continually seek to produce aircraft with more powerful engines and longer range, the companies that design custom interiors compete to create the most efficient, attractive, and comfortable cabins. Their designers, engineers, and customer-service specialists will work […]

Automatic for the Pilot

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, on average, once every four days in the United States a fatal crash occurs when a pilot flying a small private airplane loses control of the aircraft. Actions such as banking too steeply or climbing too slowly can quickly develop into an aerodynamic stall or spin that produces the […]

Don’t Hesitate to Ask

You can avoid pitfalls of purchasing an aircraft by having your aviation broker or advisor answer these 10 questions.  If you are a first-time buyer of a business aircraft, you should be asking yourself many questions before embarking on the quest to find the perfect plane: How often will I fly and how far? How much […]