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Mayo Clinic Healthy Living

The Healthy Living Program helps you achieve your goals for a healthier life and is individualized to your needs. It’s grounded in science and created by Mayo Clinic’s leading experts in health.

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About the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program

You are unique. So are your wellness needs.

The Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program was developed by passionate health and wellness professionals eager to design a program like no other. Not only is the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program grounded in science and research, but our medical experts have dedicated their life’s work to designing solutions that result in ongoing success for every individual.


Mayo Clinic research continues to reveal the powerful impact of diet and exercise. Mayo Clinic studies have shown that movement activities throughout the day are just as important as formal exercise. Mayo Clinic researchers have also proven how resiliency tactics — the ability to adapt and respond to life’s daily challenges and adversity – affect our health. When all connected, nutrition, physical activity and resiliency encompass the power needed to make sustainable changes.


We ask a lot of questions to help us understand your needs and build a wellness plan focused on your needs. From your first phone call, and before we even meet you in person, a multidisciplinary team of experts gets to know you, your wellness goals and your expectations. The team ensures that you receive a comprehensive, individualized wellness experience, including the ongoing support needed after you return home.


Getting to know your likes, dislikes, successes, challenges and wellness experiences to this point ensures not only that your visit is enjoyable and rewarding, but also that you leave with the knowledge you need to achieve your healthy living goals. Your success is our goal. The Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program offers a number of wellness services designed to create a personalized experience for you.


The Healthy Living Plan is a comprehensive, immersive multi-day experience, tailored to your individual goals. You’ll experience the serene, healing surroundings in the newly opened Mayo Clinic Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center located in downtown Rochester, Minn., on the Mayo Clinic campus. To design the plan you receive at the end of the on-site experience, you will be involved in pre-visit preparation with members of the wellness team and an individualized on-site experience. Once you have returned home with your wellness plan in hand, you will receive ongoing follow-up either by phone, online or both – whichever is your preference.


You’ll return home with your personalized wellness plan, new skills and the knowledge you’ll need to achieve your goals. With the Healthy Living Plan, a wellness coach will follow up with you regularly, either by phone or online, for six months after your visit to support you and ensure successful implemetation of your new skills in your home environment.


As a participant in the Healthy Living Program, you automatically become a Mayo Clinic patient. As with all of our patients, your health information becomes part of your permanent, confidential Mayo Clinic medical record. Should you ever need other medical services from Mayo Clinic, your medical record becomes part of the assessment that Mayo Clinic physicians use to provide whole person care.


A variety of individual classes at the Mayo Clinic Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center supplement the multi-day Healthy Living Plan, allowing you to customize your experience with those offerings that align with your goals. Want to learn how to cook a healthy meal? Practice yoga poses in a non-intimidating environment? Learn how Pilates can tone your muscles? Develop techniques to balance the many demands on you? Classes focus on strengthening your well-being and broadening your skills in physical activity, resiliency and nutrition.

Our Services

What you do, what you eat, and how you handle stress impact your overall state of well-being.

Within the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, nutrition, physical activity, resiliency and wellness coaching represent the Pillars of Wellness. The program offers solid, evidence-based solutions in each of these areas to improve your understanding of their role in your health.

The Healthy Living Plan

An immersive multi-day wellness experience geared toward improving your health and quality of life. As part of the Healthy Living Plan, you will take an online wellness assessment, receive a comprehensive health assessment, participate in nutrition, physical activity and resiliency sessions and will have access to a personal wellness coach. You’ll return home with your own personalized wellness plan.

Healthy Weight Plan

The Healthy Weight Plan combines a two-day onsite program with digital and telephonic support. Guests receive access to Mayo Clinic experts in weight management and behavior change. The program delivers a personalized weight loss plan and ongoing support and guidance as participants work to reach their goals.

Healthy Living for Executives

A one-day wellness experience that complements the Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program or care from your personal physician by introducing you to wellness resources designed specifically for executives juggling the demands of a busy career.

Healthy Living for Executives offers a compressed, motivational experience to help you optimize your performance at home and at work. You’ll leave with new skills and knowledge and the inspiration to put those new strategies into practice.

Corporate Wellness Retreat

The Corporate Wellness Retreat at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Center provides an environment to combine business planning sessions with wellness services from Mayo Clinic. Each retreat is custom-designed for your organization, depending on your goals. Retreats accommodate either just a few key staff members or specific project teams.

Opening this month, Rejuvenate at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program is a tranquil spa retreat environment that embodies the essence of overall wellness and will reward your senses. Rejuvenate will offer multiple therapies to enhance your wellness experience, including massage, body treatments, skin treatments and nail services.


Healthy Living Classes

Classes offered at the Mayo Clinic Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center in Rochester, Minn. complement the core Healthy Living Plan to further encourage your wellness goals.

Classes cover a wide range of interests in nutrition, sleep, physical activity and resiliency.

Learn nutritious cooking methods from our executive wellness chef and registered and licensed dietitians in the state-of-the-art participation kitchen.

Improve balance and flexibility with a yoga or Pilates class.

Burn calories without exercising in our NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) class.

Learn the latest stress management techniques during a meditation class.


Our Wellness Facility

Imagine yourself surrounded in a warm, inspiring environment with marble finishes and expansive views of the beautiful Rochester city landscape. We invite you to take a glimpse inside our state-of-the-art wellness facility that expands throughout the top four floors of the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center. The Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program facility was designed to create an immersive wellness experience—the perfect destination to begin your wellness journey. Each of our three core pillars of wellness—Physical Activity, Nutrition and Resiliency, has dedicated spaces that will help you develop and practice new skills and inspire behavior change.

Practice your personalized workout in our world class physical activity space, which includes the latest technology-driven fitness equipment. Group activity rooms house traditional aerobic sessions, along with strength, interval, balance and flexibility training.

Learn and practice the art of healthy cooking in our participation kitchen that boasts both high-end commercial and residential grade equipment. Our executive wellness chef will demonstrate how to prepare delicious, practical and nutritious meals in a hands-on environment that includes five participation stations.

Start your path toward renewing and restoring your inner wellbeing in our resiliency space. Reflect on your path to wellness in our meditation and spirituality rooms. Quietly practice your new stress management techniques in one of our private presence rooms. Focus and calm your mind in a mind-body studio, which house multiple movement sessions including yoga, Pilates and Tai chi.

Rejuvenate at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program is a full-service spa that includes body massage and esthetic treatment rooms, a spacious relaxation lounge, and a well-appointed locker area with whirlpool tub and steam room. Reflect on your onsite wellness experience by relaxing in our top floor sky-view lounge, with a tranquil fireplace, living plant wall and rooftop deck.

Sleep better after hearing about ways to enhance your sleep environment.

Understand how meditation can help you cope with stress and commit to your wellness goals.

Our Healthy Living class schedule changes monthly. The individual classes enhance your well-being, and broaden your skills in physical activity, resiliency and nutrition. A healthy lifestyle includes the connection between your medical care and well care. Healthy Living classes can help you continue your “practice” of living a life of good health.

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