7 Ways to Ditch the Winter Blues—In Style

Forget the cold, get outside, and get moving the Robb Report way…


The fun and excitement of the holidays is gone, but there are still months of winter left to endure. The winter blues, more formally diagnosed as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is real, and getting outside seems like the least desirable solution. Recent studies are suggesting differently. Last year, Kelly Rohan—a professor of psychological science and the director of the clinical training program at the University of Vermont—conducted the largest randomized SAD trial to date. Funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and published in The American Journal of Psychiatry, the study argues that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) produces the best results. In an interview with the American Psychological Association, Rohan explained these results: Compared to nonseasonal depression, “the only difference with SAD is the seasonal pattern that it follows.” And two of her favorite ways to treat depression are getting outside and exercising. So here’s Robb Report’s game plan to get you through the rest of winter—the luxurious way.