Stay Hydrated and Improve Your Mood—This Smart Cup Can Help

Can being well hydrated improve one’s mood? Sharpen mental machinations? The researchers behind the new Pryme Vessyl cup ($99) think so. “Mood balance, cognitive performance, attention, focus—all are dramatically impacted by your hydration,” says Hanson Lenyoun, MD, a Harvard University graduate and Columbia-trained physician who helped develop the 16-ounce glass-lined cup, which logs how much fluid a person imbibes throughout the day. The cup syncs up with a smartphone app that collects details about one’s age, weight, and activity, then feeds it through an algorithm to gauge a user’s unique, fluctuating hydration needs. A thin light display on the cup’s side conveys how well the user is meeting his or her hydration needs on a scale of zero to 100. When levels are low, users are encouraged to take a bigger sip. “Just a one percent change in hydration status can affect your cognitive abilities and focus,” says Dr. Lenyoun. The cup can be recharged on its wireless charging coaster. »

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