POC Receptor Backcountry MIPS helmet

WHAT: Heavy-duty snow helmet with RECCO avalanche rescue system 

WHY: There is more to backcountry preparedness than a hard hat

Most helmets offer protection in a collision, but the POC Receptor Backcountry MIPS helmet ($260) will also help rescuers find you in an avalanche. Upon impact, the helmet goes beyond cranial crash cushioning: Its MIPS designation stands for “multidirectional impact protection system,” which reduces the rotational forces to the brain at oblique impact. Then, in a worst-case scenario, the embedded RECCO reflector enhances radio signals from search-and-rescue RECCO detectors, aiding in the search if you are buried in an avalanche. Other features include a ventilated double-shell antipenetration system, a multi-impact liner made of EPP foam, an aramid penetration barrier, detachable ear pads and neck roll, a goggle clip, and compatibility with a separate communication neck roll complete with Beats by Dre speakers and microphone.


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