M36 Modern Classic

M36 Modern Classic

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. When the Morris Yachts M36 Modern Classic was introduced in 2004, she was the only daysailer that featured a self-tacking jib, sail handling systems and helm control pods that are now often copied but never perfected. Morris Yachts’ quality construction, together with Sparkman and Stephen’s design pedigree, guarantees a boat of lasting value that will turn heads in every harbor.

Whether sailed with a crew or single-handed she is ideal for spending a few hours or a long weekend on the water. All control lines have been led aft below decks to control and winch pods located in the cockpit, leaving the deck clear and safe. Self-tailing primary winches are standard, and the starboard electric winch makes the process of raising the mainsail from the cockpit a push-button affair. Spend more time sailing and less time tinkering; our engineering team has taken the complexity and intimidation out of managing a sophisticated, fully-equipped boat.




Make: Morris Yachts
Model: M-Series M36
Crew Cabins: 1-2
Boat Type: New
Boat Category: Sailboat
Length (m): 36" 1"
Beam (m): 3.07
Beam (f): 10" 1"
Doug Metchick
(207) 244-5509