Embraer Executive Jets Delivers the Phenom 100E

The upgraded entry-level jet now has a five-passenger cabin with seats that recline…

The Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has upgraded its popular entry-level jet, the Phenom 100, starting with the 300th example, which was delivered in March. Labeled the Embraer Phenom 100E, the new aircraft offers seating for up to five in the cabin, up from a maximum of four in the previous version. New premium seats recline, swivel, and move forward and back. An oval cross section and big windows create a sense of space. Buyers now can choose from 11 color themes from BMW DesignworksUSA, including amber, crystal, emerald, and bronze. Other changes to the cabin include an updated refreshment center with added storage features, and expanded space for baggage and supplies in the lavatory. 

The cockpit is designed to be simple to fly for single-pilot operations. Full-authority digital engine controls reduce pilot workload while helping the aircraft systems perform at top efficiency. Two Pratt & Whitney jet engines provide plenty of power for short takeoffs and landings. Multifunction spoilers on the wings enhance controllability and braking. The 100E can fly up to 447 mph and offers a nonstop range up to 1,355 miles. Embraer remains based in Brazil, but Phenoms destined for the U.S. market are now assembled at the company’s facility in Melbourne, Fla. The jet sells for $4.2 million. (www.embraerexecutivejets.com)

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