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Haute Helicopter

Helicopters are functional machines for point-to-point travel, but now because of a partnership between Eurocopter and the French design house Hermès, a helicopter can be a fashion statement as well. A custom design for the EC135, L’Helicoptre par Hermès, includes an Hermès interior featuring hand-crafted calf leather seats; interior surfaces covered in Toile H, a signature Hermès canvas; and a minimalist exterior paint scheme. The changes in form are driven by an effort to maximize space and functionality as well as minimize noise and fatigue. Retooled and extended landing skids permit easier access to the cabin. Even the pilots are not forgotten: Their flight controls are wrapped in hand-stitched leather. The helicopter sells for about $10 million; deliveries are expected to begin later this year. (800.873.0001,

—Mary Grady

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