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Mentor Pilots, New Luxury Edition for Mustang Buyers

Cessna’s Citation Mustang is popular with owner/pilots transitioning into a jet for the first time, and to help ease that step up, Cessna now offers mentor pilots to act as coaches. The “Ease Into the Saddle” program provides access to highly trained Cessna corporate pilots to help the new owner get comfortable with the jet’s normal operations and procedures before going to FlightSafety for comprehensive training.

Also new for Mustang shoppers is the High Sierra Edition, a package of upgrades including a sporty paint scheme and extra luxury in the cabin, with premium leather, handwoven carpeting, and custom cabinetry. Synthetic vision for the cockpit and a turnkey maintenance program are also part of the package. The twin-engine, six-seat Mustang sells for just more than $3 million typically equipped; the High Sierra package adds about $75,000. (316.517.6056,

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