This Private Dreamliner Jet Could Serve as a Second Home

Kestrel Aviation Management has transformed this Boeing 787-8 into an apartment that can fly…


A Boeing 787-8 is transformed into an apartment that can fly.

 If you feel that a private jet can never be toospacious, consider a customized Boeing Dreamliner. “A business executive toured the aircraft and afterward he told me that he’d like to have it as a second home—one that he could fly from place to place,” says Stephen Vella, the CEO of Kestrel Aviation Management, a Washington-based company that initiated the design and oversaw the customization of the Dreamliner shown on these pages.

When configured for commercial flights, a 787-8 can carry more than 240 passengers. The passenger area is 18 feet across and more than 138 feet long. At roughly 2,400 square feet, the cabin is nearly three times the size of the 737 Boeing Business Jet’s. The 787 has a range of more than 9,000 miles when it’s configured to carry only 40 passengers, as this aircraft is.

The cabin was bare, or green, when Kestrel took delivery of the aircraft for its owner in 2014. The company hired Paris-based Pierrejean Design to create 2-D and 3-D models of the proposed interior and worked with Greenpoint Technologies of Washington to complete the aircraft. The result is a cabin that is elegant and uncluttered and provides passengers with an unforgettable travel experience.

Photography by Kestrel Aviation Management (