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Car of the Year 2012: Steering Committee

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The following Robb Report readers were among the guests who joined the magazine’s editors and writers in driving, evaluating, and ranking the 2012 Car of the Year candidates.

Arie Adler

Jim Allen

GianMaria Argentini

Eric Barbaro

Henri Barguirdjian

Craig Barto

Jerry Barto

Evan Bellman

Doug Bergeron

Michael Black

Mitch Bloom

Jean-Francois Boissier

Todd Brady

John Bremer

Frank Brewer

Shai Burstein

Craig Cardon

Chris Carpenter

Rita Case

Russ Cersosimo

Bruce Chandler

Jae Chun

Venanzio Ciampa

Adam Cohn

Bob Crown

Bill Deem

Paul DeGrado

Sanford Edward

Cory Empting

Steve Fink

Rudy Flinker

Peter Fodor

Albert Furman

Tom Gonzales

David Gross

Melissa Grosvenor

Jeffrey Halkovich

Scott Hershman

Michelle Hilliard

Brent Holden

Douglas Houghton

Marc Hruschka

Michael Ingram

Lucio Innocenti

Janice Jaraicie

Don Jones

Scott Katzman

Richard Kessler

Henry Kim

Jill LaCorte

Paul Leary

Kirk Ledbetter

Hi Sang Lee

Richard Leibman

Robert Lis

Thomas Mao

Steve Mariano

Jack Marino

Terry McKay

J. P. Moore

Ryan Munce

José Luis Nazar

Zod Nazem

George Papadopoulos

Carl Parmer

George Peterson

Bill Pope

Jim Ring

Will Rose

Dan Rosenson

Glenn Rotner

Junior Sammy

Nicole Sassaman

Asif Satchu

Andrew Segal

Pierre Seillan

James Shay

Eric Shen

Barry Siadat

Mike Silvestro

Daniel Stanton

Wesley Steffens

Michael Steinberg

Joseph Stephen

Chris Sullivan

Steve Taback

John Taylor

Dave Thorson

John Waldron

Roger Walther

Ranson Webster

Richard Weintraub

Gary Weiss

Terry Williams


Robb Report wishes to thank the following companies for their support of the 2012 Car of the Year event: Allegri, Bellagio Resort and Casino, Chopard, Flexjet, Flight Options, Graff, Isaia, Moorer, and XOJet.

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