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Front Runners November 2015: Ultimate Fighter

The G2 P51 Combat Fighter’s engine produces 200 hp and 180 ft lbs of torque.

Built by the Alabama-based brand known for its radical, aggressive-looking designs, the Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter ( is the successor to the popular P120 Fighter Combat. The new bike is constructed entirely of lightweight, extremely durable aerospace-grade billet aluminum and is powered by a 2,163 cc V-twin that produces 200 hp (40 hp more than the P120 Fighter Combat’s engine) and 180 ft lbs of torque. The extra brawn is the result of new cylinder heads and an innovative air-induction system. In addition to being more powerful than the P120, the new bike is 12.5 percent lighter. Confederate is offering two versions of the G2 P51 Combat Fighter. The anodized-black model is priced at $119,500, and the “Blonde” is $113,900. 

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