FrontRunners: Bullish Barchetta

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It could be argued that Lamborghini ( designed its forthcoming Barchetta without a roof so that God can peer inside one of his favorite road-going machines. The yet-unnamed $290,000 vehicle, which will be available next year, features many of the same highlights that have made the Murciélago a deity among discerning drivers. The car shares the Murciélago’s 6.2-liter, 570-hp V-12, giving it a top speed of 205 mph. However, the Barchetta might seem even faster than its predecessor. Luc Donckerwolke, Lamborghini’s chief designer, sculpted it with edgier lines, lending it a more aggressive appearance than the Murciélago.


One design element has some detractors, though. Potential customers have informed Lamborghini that they would prefer a soft-top or hardtop option rather than being offered only the true open Barchetta form. God’s view of the car might be obstructed, but alas, the sun does not always shine on us mere mortals, not even those who drive Lambos.

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