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FrontRunners: English Beets

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The 621 hp, 12-cylinder, biturbo Bentley Continental Supersports ( is Bentley Motors’ leanest, meanest—with a top speed of 204 mph—and greenest machine ever. The Supersports’ carbon footprint (the carbon emitted from the production, refining, transportation, and day-to-day use of the vehicle) is 70 percent smaller than the Continental GT’s, partly because the new two-seater runs on bioethanol made from sugar beets, sugarcane, and other sustainable crops. During the Supersports’ introduction at the Geneva Motor Show in March, Bentley chairman Franz-Josef Paefgen said that the car is also 90 percent recyclable—and built from some borrowed parts. “See those seats?” he said. “We got them from the Bugatti Veyron.”

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