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Listen to the World’s Most Expensive Car Purr Along Winding Roads

Our partner Petrolicious commemorates the Ferrari 250 GTO by putting Derek Hill behind the wheel…

Ferrari 250 GTO partner Petrolicious commemorates the successful Ferrari 250 GTO by putting Derek Hill—racing driver and son of the car’s inaugural Ferrari Factory Driver Phil Hill—behind the wheel. Less than 40 examples of the 250 GTO were ever built, making it a coveted collector’s item with a huge price tag. In fact, with purchases of the 250 GTO in recent years selling for nearly $40 million at auction and over $50 million in a private purchase, this endurance race-winning Ferrari is the world’s most expensive car—and for good reason. As Hill describes, the 300 hp 250 GTO has a “nearly bulletproof engine” that is equally at home on both the road and the track. Watch as Hill takes the car for a spin on winding, hilly roads to show off its ferocious engine note that “gets through every part of your body.”



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