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Lotus Pedals out Five Future Models

Lotus is on a roll. Last year, the small British company unveiled the Evora sport coupe—the automaker’s first all-new car in nearly 15 years—and this year Lotus surprised the world by unveiling five future models at the Paris Motor Show. Listed in no particular order, the Lotus Elan (a lightweight coupe), Lotus Elite (a luxurious GT), Lotus Eterne (a four-door beauty), Lotus Elise (a replacement for the current roadster sports car), and Lotus Esprit (a bona fide super car) represent the new generation of Lotus cars. With both traditional and groundbreaking design concepts, Lotus’ assemblage of concepts clearly points to a very eclectic future for the 58-year-old British marque.

It should also come as no surprise that all five concepts have a bit of Italian flair. They were created with the help of Donato Coco, an ex-Ferrari designer responsible for the F430 and 458 Italia who was recently recruited to head up Lotus’ style department. All five concepts are visually stunning works of art, but the one to look out for is the Lotus Esprit. This is a car that Lotus enthusiasts have been waiting on for some time now, and the automaker claims that it will be ready for production in 2013 with an all-new supercharged V-8 engine.

The other four concepts have not been given the green light for production just yet, but if they perform as good as they look, then it seems that Lotus will finally have a little something for everyone. (

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