Porsche 911 Carrera S

One of the most innovative features for the Porsche 911 model line is a new 7-speed automated manual gearbox, which utilizes two clutches to produce lightning-fast shift times and better fuel efficiency. The Porsche 911’s longtime popularity and evolutionary styling changes help preserve its value but can make it seem ubiquitous. The carmaker’s solution is to let buyers tailor the 911 to their individual tastes. It offers 10 different 911 variants—plus the two GT3 models, two turbocharged cars, and the collector’s edition Sport Classic. Sorting them out can be daunting. Basically, the choices are: standard or wide-body S (the latter also adds 30 more horsepower); rear-wheel or all-wheel drive (denoted by a “4” in the nameplate); and hardtop coupe, soft-top Cabriolet, or glass-roof Targa with a huge power sunroof. Once you’ve selected the model, then you have to wade through the extensive options list.

Pros: Classic shape comes with a strong performance pedigree.

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