Riding Old School

We may live in a brave new world of carbon fiber and computer chips, but Italian manufacturer Moto Guzzi stubbornly sticks to its old world roots and builds motorcycles that evoke yesteryear. Case in point: its delightfully wonky Griso 1200 8V. A massive 1,151 cc air-cooled V-twin dominates the profile of this oddly proportioned bike, and its new Quattrovalvole cylinder heads provide an exhilarating boost of power from around 5,500 rpm to redline. The mill also has the vibrational characteristics of a San Andreas quake. The Guzzi’s saddle is expansive and cushy, the shifter clicks lightly into place with accuracy, and the torquey power plant never fails to satisfy—exactly the qualities that make this retro ride a surprisingly easy bike to throw a leg over. (www.motoguzzi-us.com)

—Basem Wasef

Penske Luxury

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