Robb Design Portfolio: Motor City Menace

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At the 2003 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, when Chrysler wheeled out its 500 hp Tomahawk motorcycle, it created a dilemma: How could the carmaker match such a spectacle at future shows? This year, the answer arrived in the form of the ME Four-Twelve, a supercar prototype with computer-projected performance numbers that are startling: 850 hp, zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds, 248 mph top speed. Chrysler insists that by this summer the ME Four-Twelve (mid-engine, quad-turbo, 12-cylinder), powered by an AMG-built engine that will deliver a projected 850 ft lbs of torque via a 7-speed manual transmission, will achieve these performance specifications on the road.

The two-seat ME Four-Twelve features carbon fiber construction and Chrysler’s signature cab-forward design. Chrysler incorporated 96 red LEDs in each taillight so that when they are on, it appears as though flames are shooting from the back of the car. If Chrysler goes forward with its plans to build production models of the six-figure machine, demand could be red hot. 

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