Robb Report’s Car of the Year 2002

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The assignment was straightforward, but with a few qualifiers. We instructed our panel of experts (Paul Dean, Paul A. Eisenstein, Ken Gross, Patrick C. Paternie, J.P. Vettraino, and Howard Walker—a group of gentlemen with more than a century’s worth of auto writing experience among them) to select and rank the new luxury car models that they consider the best—the best for them and the best for the Robb Report reader.

Our panelists employed the same criteria that you use when purchasing a car. They evaluated the cars based on the driving experience, the ergonomics, the styling, the performance, and the safety features. And as you would, our panelists also considered whether a particular car lends a sense of prestige to the driver, if it possesses special luxury car qualities, and if its new features are of real technical merit.

Robb Report staffers Brett Anderson and Robert Ross rounded out the panel. Anderson is the magazine’s editorial director, and Ross, who writes about this year’s Car of the Year winner, is the creative director. That’s his profession, but like the rest of our panel members, cars are his obsession.

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