Suzuki’s Balance of Power

Arguably the most rideable superbike, the GSX-R750 from Suzuki sometimes gets forgotten as riders move up from their 600cc sport bikes to the ultimate performers: the liter-bike class. But it would be a mistake to underestimate the 750, which falls perfectly between the less powerful 600 and the insanely powerful 1000. Suzuki has persevered with this particular model—even though there’s no longer a suitable displacement racing class—simply because the motorcycle is such a complete machine. It has a lot of power, but not too much. It feels compact, and yet it is somehow comfortable too. The reach to the handlebars is relatively short, and all controls fall easily to hand or foot. But it’s the lithe, precise handling and smooth, seamless motor that really make this motorcycle such a pleasure to ride. The 2008 model has been tweaked for greater mid-range torque—and it’s a noticeable improvement over the 2007 model—and the styling has been updated too. With subtle references that hearken back to its 1980s roots, and yet with the lean, purposeful stance we’ve come to expect from a modern superbike, the GSX-R750 is that perfect balance of power and handling that allows a rider to challenge himself without intimidation. (

?Arthur Coldwells


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