Green Marine

Ethereal, the 190-foot sailing superyacht built by Royal Huisman Shipyard, is arguably the greenest yacht on the high seas. Created by Ron Holland Design, it has an advanced hybrid engine that relies on a lithium-polymer battery bank to power the drivetrain. But rather than using generators to recharge the batteries, Ethereal recharges as she sails. That allows the graceful ketch to motor along for extended periods on pure battery power. The owners also mandated that as many green features as possible be incorporated into the construction, including LED lighting, special eco-friendly flooring, and specially treated glass hatches that turn opaque to preserve air-conditioning. The yacht has also been designed for maximum sailing efficiency. Ethereal’s rig is well-balanced between main and mizzen and includes two large furling jibs, main and mizzen staysails, and an MPS for outstanding performance in a wide range of conditions. The winged keel increases windward sailing performance, while underwater appendages have been faired for lowest possible drag. (, 31.527.24.3131)

—Michael Verdon

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