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Pied-a-Terre on the Sea

Midnight Express, the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida-based maker of performance-based luxury sports yachts, has taken the idea of a pied-a-terre to sea with its newest boat. The 34-foot Pied-a-Mer is the ideal size for a weekend getaway or overnight trip: It has enough room to sleep two comfortably?plus bunk beds?without compromising outdoor space. The Pied-a-Mer’s greatest luxury, however, is its advanced fuel efficiency. A stepped-hull system allows for a lift in the front of the boat, creating speed with less drag through the water. Perfect for a weekend getaway, the made-to-order twin engine Pied-a-Mer has a top-speed of 60 mph, and prices start at $250,000. (

?Alexandra Foster


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