Top 10 Most-Anticipated Superyachts Coming to the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show

The yachting world will converge on Monaco to take an inside look at the year’s finest superyachts…


Yachting’s marquis event, the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show will take place in Monte Carlo’s horseshoe-shaped harbor from September 28 through October 1. During those four days, 34,000 yacht lovers, owners, and other aficionados will walk the docks to see 125 of the world’s newest and most spectacular superyachts. During their time aboard these beauties, show-goers will witness the latest trends in yacht technology and design, and discover how fast the shipyards have been trending toward yachts that feature more open and contemporary interiors (with floor-to-ceiling windows and full-beam master suites), larger beach clubs for more access to the water, and how joystick technology is making even the most imposing gigayachts easier to maneuver into a slip. Beneath the miles of gleaming hulls and glittering superstructures lies the heart of a highly competitive industry, one that is determined to create smart, next-generation superyachts that will push yachting in an exciting new direction. Here are the 10 superyacht we most look forward to viewing at 2016’s Monaco Yacht Show.