2014 Collectors' Showcase

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Architecturally Significant

After a top-to-bottom reorganization, Arnold & Son has explosively relaunched a range of new models that build on the English watchmaking style of its namesake, John Arnold. Thanks to the technical capacity of La Joux Perret, the movement maker that owns the brand, these models also explore the possibilities of novel movement architecture. Time Pyramid ($40,300) is a prime example of this combination. Loosely based on 19th-century skeleton clocks, the timepiece is an exercise in the creative placement of watch components. Two winding barrels with power reserve displays fan out on either side of the case, while the main gear train, capped by the escapement and the balance wheel, stacks up through the center. The symmetry of the design gives the watch a clock’s stately countenance, while the visibility of all its components will keep even veteran watch collectors glued to its running.

Arnold & Son, 213.622.1133, www.arnoldandson.com

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