Best of the Best 2013: Business Aircraft: Ultralong-Range: Dassault Falcon 7X

  • Dassault Falcon 7X
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The cabin (39 feet long, with a passenger capacity of 16) and range (6,800 miles) of the Dassault Falcon 7X (201.541.4809, are both shorter than those of other ultralong-range jets, but the $52.3 million aircraft is exceptionally versatile. The approach speed of the three-engine 7X at typical landing weight is just 120 mph, which enables it to land on runways as short as about 2,000 feet. (The 7X is the only jet in this category that can land at London City Airport.) The aircraft flies as high as 51,000 feet and climbs to its 37,000-foot cruising altitude in just 18 minutes. It also burns at least 15 percent less fuel than its competitors.

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