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Best of the Best 2013: Domestic White Wines: Bremer Family 2008 Chardonnay Napa Valley

Bremer Family 2008 Chardonnay Napa Valley

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Few people have entered the wine industry with greater passion and modesty than Laura and John Bremer, Southern Californians whose love for the Napa Valley brought them back to Northern California for many extended visits over the course of 25 years. When the couple decided to make wine—and a home—in the region, they did not seek a vacant plot of land on which they could impose their own personalities; instead, they wanted to add their own chapter to the area’s rich history. After acquiring a historic property at the base of Howell Mountain, the Bremers lovingly restored the 1891 stone winery, expanding its caves into the hillside without disrupting the natural beauty of its surroundings. At present, the winery offers an impressive portfolio of small-production Cabernet Sauvignon, but wine lovers should not overlook the Bremer Family 2008 Chardonnay Napa Valley (, $45), a gracefully articulated, silky white that treats the senses to a panoply of flavors, including fresh pineapple, creamy pear, star fruit, and crème brûlée.