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Best of the Best 2013: Men’s Fashion: Fabric Innovation: Kiton

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Kiton, the neapolitan master of quiet luxury, has raised the bar yet again. The brand spent more than a year and $1 million to create the world’s first patterned vicuña, a sublimely soft, lightweight fabric that is being used to make just 50 topcoats ($34,900 each). Weaving vicuña is a difficult process and a true extravagance; the fiber is extremely delicate, and much more of it is required to create a patterned textile than a solid. So far, Kiton has developed a subtle, almost tone-on-tone herringbone, a diagonal stripe, and a houndstooth pattern, all of which are available for the topcoat. “It’s an expensive coat, but understated,” says Antonio De Matteis, Kiton’s CEO. “Only you know how good it feels on.” (212.813.0272,