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BEST of the BEST 2014 | Style | Pens: S.T. Dupont Orient-Express Limited Edition Diamond Collection

Linking a legendary train to its literary legacy.

The 1883 debut of the Orient-Express rail line, which linked Paris to Istanbul for nearly a century, gave western Europeans unprecedented access to then-mysterious locales. This connection with the exotic inspired writers from Bram Stoker to Ian Fleming to set their works aboard the tony train, forever enshrining it as a backdrop for romance and intrigue. Last year, the Parisian luxury-goods manufacturer S.T. Dupont honored the train’s link to the written word with the debut of the Orient-Express Limited Edition Diamond Collection fountain pen, a visually stunning writing instrument modeled after the legendary rail line.

Limited to 28 pieces and priced at $36,500, the Diamond Collection pen is the highlight of S.T. Dupont’s Orient-Express line, which also includes lighters, cuff links, and silver and yellow-gold versions of the pen. The Diamond Collection’s barrel is crafted from blue and white lacquer with white-gold accents. Eight mother-of-pearl inlays running along the side of the barrel recall the train’s windows, while the pen’s clip—affixed with 71 diamonds—resembles the train’s chimney. A band of white gold located where the cap meets the barrel is engraved with rivets and the words Orient-Express, rendered in the same typeface as the exterior lettering on the original train.

The Diamond Collection pen’s stand, which is modeled after the undercarriage of the train, features white-gold wheels and rods. When displayed on the stand, the pen encapsulates the Orient-Express’s elegance and promise of adventure—inspirations for any writer.  

S.T. Dupont,